About Us

very very

is the heartfelt and organic collaboration of VERY special people who came to understand that in a world of every day ordinariness, there lived a thriving garden of VERY VERY’s.
It is exactly as it reads. Simple. Precise. Authentic.
A Very Very is that extraordinary person, place or thing that has Forever changed you.
Forever enriched you. Forever enhanced you. So we thought, lets take ashine to the Very Very things and people that light us up! Lets give them The stage. The props. The applause.
Lets tell those Magic Makers & Dream weavers that we see them! Lets pay homage to the Never Give Uppers and The Wingmen that pave the way and have our backs! Champion them with words of gratitude around their necks and hand them tote bags of appreciation. Lets take the canvas and etch their murals of magnificence. Lets share the journey and rock the ride. Locally Grown gratitude can shift a global attitude . And we endeavor to do just that by celebrating eVERYthing in eVERYone that is exceptional.