The VeryVery’s at VeryVery

Well, this VeryVery thing had to start somewhere. 

Lynne and Nancy VeryVery

Not the “thing”, actually. I mean, the “thing” has been around forever. It’s the labeling of the thing, the calling it out, the celebrating of the thing.

This is where it started. With me and Nancy. So, here is the celebration of our story.

Nancy and Lynne – the original VeryVery’s at VeryVery

(written by Lynne, honoring Nancy) 

First of all, Nancy and I are cousins. We have this very cool, quirky family with lots of interesting personalities. FYI – this is not doublespeak for weird and dysfunctional. It really is cool, quirky and interesting. Probably because our family is also loyal and loving and made up of very bright, motivated accomplished people (well, mostly...).

Lynne and Nancy VeryVeryNYC

So, we grew up really enjoying each other and expecting to respect each other’s choices and accomplishments, which, quite frankly, ranged all over the place. No cookie cutters in our clan!

Nancy and I always “got” each other. We both LOVE fashion (for me a hobby, for her – a career), we both can laugh at ourselves (a surprisingly rare trait in even the best people) we are both really talented at our chosen profession (actually, neither of us would EVER say that about ourselves but would die on our sword saying it about each other) and maybe most importantly, we both appreciate the amazing, awesome relationships we have in our lives and truly, profoundly believe THAT is what is important in life.

So that’s where Very Very came from – a way to label those relationships. It was actually Nancy’s idea (she’s the creative one, I’m more “businessy”). It started with “urmvv” – “you are my very very”. A Very Very” is an exceptional being, a one of a kind pet - a deep connection or relationship with someone or something important to you. When you are someone’s Very Very, you are truly beloved and when you are truly beloved, we think you should know it. So Nancy started developing some products in the free time she didn’t have, and when we were talking one day I said, “I think this is a great business”. And we knew – this was our magic bullet – the thing we have always wanted to do together that combines our talents, passion, and beliefs. And, we have all these other Very Very’s in our lives who are also incredibly talented who we could work with!

So we’ve made it our mission to celebrate Very Very’s with beautiful tokens of love and appreciation for the joy they bring to our lives. With colorful words and beautiful sentiments that adorn meticulously hand-beaded pillows and totes. With engraved ‘people’ and ‘pet’ tags, and vibrant enamel coffee cups. We remind them that they are a Very Very who has made a lasting impression on our hearts.

So now, Nancy and I have the Very Very special honor of bringing this Very Very special brand to life :)