Sneak Peak Into The World Of The Best Dog Ever Pippa

Tell me about you: 

Hil My name is Pippa. My mom named me after Pippa Middleton, sister of the Duchess of Cambridge. I like to think I'm royalty too, at least mom treats me that way.
I am a toy apricot poodle. I weigh 4 pounds and I'll be 1 year old next month! Mom is going to throw me a birthday party with all of my fellow canine friends, I can't wait. I was born in Nebraska, my mom took me home when I was 8 weeks old. Her name is Christina.

Where do you live:
Now we live in South Florida, I love the beach and all of the palm trees. We often go to the dog park so I can run and play. There are some really nice dog parks in Florida, we usually go to the one in Pompano Beach or Boca Raton. They both have big water fountains that I like to drink from and splash in.

My mom takes me just about everywhere with her. I have a car seat so I can stay safe when we're traveling. Once I'm buckled in, I love sticking my head out the window and feeling the warm breeze on my face. 

Tell me more:
I even travel on airplanes with my mom. We often visit New York City for business trips, mom works in real estate. New York is exciting, I get to visit my uncle and grandma who spoil me. My favorite treats are chicken flavored Instinct Rawboost mixers and Good 'n' Fun triple flavor kabobs. If you give me either one of these I'll be you best friend forever. We can keep in touch on Instagram too, I even have my own account called "itspippatime" come say hi!

Mom calls me her "very very". She said this means I hold a special place in her heart and bring her peace, happiness, and love. She is my rockstar, I always greet her with lots of kisses. She just got me a new pet tag, it says Best Dog Ever, I think she is the best human ever.

Pippa, what is your favorite word or phrase?