Sneak Peak Into The World Of Best Dog Ever: Gatsby

Pet- VeryVery
Tell me about you:
My name is Gatsby. I am named in memory of my mom's first Bernese, Hubbell. Hubbell was named after a Robert Redford Character in my mom's favorite movie The Way We Were. My mom says Hubbell was so handsome the name was a given. She says I am very handsome too.
I am a Bernese Mountain Dog  5 years old. 115 pounds. Born in Atlanta and arrived at La Guardia airport weighing 8 pounds and with my blue hippo.  This is a picture of me on my very first day in NYC 
My Mom's name is Nancy. She is very nice.  She works in the fashion industry. She works too much. She needs to chill out and take me to the park more.
Dog at park
Where do you live
We live on the UWS. Pre war building. I love my doorman Raphael. He is always happy to see me. He calls me " big guy". He is from Cuba and might move back there. I hope my mom can take a vacation and visit Raphael in Cuba one day
VeryVery- Dog Fashion
We live very close to Central Park and go there whether in winter, spring , summer and fall, rain, snow or sunshine and Jacobs Pickles.
Central Park snowfall
Central Park sunshine
My mom goes there ALL the time. She invites me in the spring and summer. Jacobs Dad, George brings me chicken and biscuits. Delicious. I am proud to be called the "mascot" of Jacobs Pickles. It's my favorite restaurant.
Jacobs Pickles - Very Very
Tell me more :

We go to Central Park before 9 am off leash when my mom wakes up early. On the weekends we walk around the neighborhood and so many people want to take my picture.
Statue of Liberty - VeryVery

We also go into new food shops all the time to try new muffins, pastries and cookies. This month we went to Orwashers to try the black & white cookie, Kirsch bakery to try the danish, and Tal to try the new bagels. She shares EVERYTHING with me. My mom also gets me my own toasted bagel with cream cheese quite a few times a week. It's my favorite. I also love hummus and coconut cake.

My mom has been watching a lot of CNN lately. She is concerned about everything going on in the US right now.

Usually she is with me on Saturdays but recently went to the Woman's March in NYC and left me for the day. Normally I would mind be alone on a Saturday but I understand she wants to be a part of something that helps to raise awareness for equality for everyone. I wish I could have attended.

My Mom says I am her very very . I bring her joy, happiness, and love. She says I am a huge part of her life and thankfully everyday a reminder of the most important things in life......

My mom just got me a new pet tag: it says Best Dog Ever. I think she is the best Mom ever.
Dog Tag
Gatsby what is your favorite word ? Or phrase ?
Dog Love