A Very Very Kind of Special

A Very Very Kind of Special
If we are lucky, we have found very special people in our lives to share the journey with. But if you are exceptionally fortunate, you will have found VeryVery! 
An exceptional being.  A one of a kind pet.  A deep connection or relationship with a beautiful soul who puts the ‘extra’ in extraordinary! 
When you are someone’s Very Very, you are truly beloved ~ and when you are truly beloved, we think you should know it.
Organically brought to life by a tribe of Very Very’s right in NYC, We’ve made it our mission to celebrate the bonds of our beloveds with beautiful tokens of love and appreciation for the joy they bring to our lives. 
We pay homage to our Very Very’s with colorful words and beautiful sentiments that adorn meticulously hand-beaded pillows and totes.
 We honor their spirit with engraved ‘people’ and ‘pet’ tags, and vibrant enamel coffee cups for happy sipping! Anything and everything imaginable that would brighten up the day of a Very Very who has made a lasting impression on our hearts. 
So from our Very Very’s to you and yours, we simply want to say ~ “We see you. We appreciate you. We CELEBRATE you. Very Very much ;) ”