5 Things That Makes Someone Your Very Very



What relationships in your life are the Very Very Special ones that deserve to be celebrated?

 Well, at Very Very, we have a theory about what makes someone or something special enough to be called your Very Very.

 We all have lots of different kinds of relationships in our lives. With our significant others, with our family, with our friends, with our pets, with our favorite places.

And the ones that stand out because they make our lives special all share the same 5 things:

1. A Very Very always makes you feel loved and appreciated

Sometimes it’s with grand gestures and most times, it’s with a million little things, but it all adds up to ALWAYS.

2. A Very Very brings you comfort

When life gets crazy, or just plain sucks, your VeryVery is a safe haven who just makes you feel better.

3. A Very Very is someone you can just as easily laugh with AND cry with

They just get you. No matter whether it’s the worst, saddest thing or the best, most hilarious thing; it’s YOUR thing to share.

4. A Very Very is always there for you.

When they know you need them, there’s nowhere else they’d want to be. Even if it’s at 4:00 a.m........

5. A Very Very feels the same way about you.

Nuff said

So, if you are exceptionally fortunate, you will have found a VeryVery! Tell them “We see you. We appreciate you. We CELEBRATE you. Very Very much ;) ”